CopyCat Recipes – Can You Create a Kitchen Legacy With These?

Satisfying your loved ones’ palates by whipping up a tasteful meal can be both challenging and rewarding. Many of our fondest memories revolve around mealtimes. Catching a certain familiar scent during the day can unexpectedly send us back to a time in our past. We perhaps for a moment become a child again, sitting at grandma’s kitchen table as the smell of apple pie wafts through the air.

Fast forward to reality: full time jobs, soccer games, hectic lifestyles in general for just about everyone. Is it possible to leave a similar kitchen legacy for our children’s children to remember us by? The facts are stark: we humans manage to eat an average of three meals every single day – that’s an amazing twenty one meals per week! (I’ll stop there with the math; taking it any further becomes downright daunting.) How can anyone today make the time to always properly feed their family – to say nothing of creating good looking, great smelling meals ‘from scratch’? Are you kidding?

Often, one solution to a busy family’s schedule is to dine at a local restaurant. Whether the restaurant of choice becomes Applebee’s, T.G.I. Fridays recipes, KFC, The Olive Garden, or your town’s Mom and Pop eatery, often you will become attached to one or two of their dishes, and secretly wish you could take home those favorite restaurant recipes.

Unlike Grandma whose favorite recipes were handed down from her mother, written on little pieces of paper and kept in an old cookbook, today we have the luxury of the Internet. There are many sites to choose from to obtain great tasting recipes. The dishes from our favorite restaurants, however, have been top secret recipes; known only to the restaurant staff itself. Lately, however, consumers have displayed increased interest in learning how to cook those clone restaurant recipes at home. To feed that demand, there are now sites that sell these formerly top secret cookbooks. When you do decide to re-create one of your favorite copy cat recipes, I am here to encourage you that yes you can compete with the great tastes of your favorite restaurant! Yes you can begin a kitchen legacy. How?

Plan it! I know. Sounds too easy. But think about this:

Many people wind down a bit on Sunday afternoon. If you are really new at this, take just five or ten minutes this coming Sunday afternoon to look up a recipe. Make it something simple that will smell really nice. Baked apples, maybe? Perhaps the only thing you accomplish that first day is deciding on the recipe and printing it. Next, plan on when you will make that recipe. Maybe next Sunday afternoon? Make it a family affair. Remember, kitchens seem to be one of the best places for creating good memories.

During the week when you’re at the grocery store anyway, pick up what you need for that recipe. The only thing left now is to make it! Hey, if the kitchen gets messy and the kids have flour on their faces, take some pictures! Memories in the making.

Upon the successful completion of your first ‘from scratch’ recipe, think about moving up to one of your family’s favorite restaurant recipes. Like I stated earlier, you can do it! With the right tools (ingredients) and the right map (recipe), you have the power to be ‘Chef of Your Home’, and begin your kitchen legacy. And by using your favorite copycat recipes, you already know your family will love the results.


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